Replacement locks, security upgrades, or maybe you need help gaining entry, we can help.

Whether you've lost your key or have a lock that's been damaged.
Find out more about Replacement Locks
Whether you simply want to improve security or your insurance company demands it.
Find out more about Security Upgrades
If you find yourself locked out of your home or premises.
Find out more about Gaining Entry

Simply give us a call on 0800 652 4409 or 07729 911 291, or if you prefer, send us a text or drop us an email and let us know how we can help.


   Leaks & Locks Maintenance

   T: 0800 652 4409    E: info@leaksandlocks.co.uk

   94 Thorntree Drive, West Monkseaton, Tyne & Wear. NE25 9NW

No: 227952 

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